Western Australia Births Deaths and Marriage Registry

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BIRTHS (1841-1932)

DEATHS (1841-1971)

MARRIAGES (1841-1936)

State Library of Western Australia

The  State Library of Western Australia has catalogues on-line but has not digitized records to any extent.  The Dead Reckoning website will assist in navigating the catalogue.

Western Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS)

The  Western Australian genealogical Society has a number of databases that are publically available. However the most useful information is available only to members of the society.  WAGS has transcribed most of the shipping records for Western Australia.. The passenger arrivals index for 1898-1926 listed the nationality of the passengers.  I have taken abstracts of data for  passengers from the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Most of the passengers that arrived from Austro-Hungary in this period, were from the Dalmatian coast (Serbia/Croatia) The surnames are mostly of Serbian or German origin.  There are very few traditionally Hungarian names.    The list also has a lot of spelling or transcription errors for the Central/East European surnames.    If you would like to check if your family name appears on the list, please contact me via the Contributions page.  


The Goldrush in Western Australia started in the 1890's. by this stage the goldfields in the Eastern States (Victoria, and NSW) had been exhausted.

State Records Office of Western Australia

The  State Records Office of Western Australia has not digitized many of their collections.