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Karpatalja Travel Guide 1938




The Travellers Book:Transcarpathia 1938 (Az Utas Könyve: Kárpátalja)  was a compact manual published in 1939 by the National Hungarian Hostelry Association (Országos Magyar Vendégforgalmi Szövetség). It was one of a series of travel guides.


It was the essential travel guide for the discerning Transcarpathian tourist. In addition to a simple map (see above) it provided details on accommodation and sustenance, transport, medical facilities, spas and  recreation and entertainment.

Title Pages, Preface and Information about the National Hungarian Hostelry Association (Országos Magyar Vendégforgalmi Szövetség).


Includes membership list for all regions of Hungary.



Includes  two introductions.

The first is by Dr. József Illés-IIllyásevics de Visk (1871, Huszt-1944 Budapest) who was a member of parliament and also a noted legal scholar and university professor. [] 


The second is by  Mihály Demkó who describes the opportunities available for hiking, hunting, fishing (including a species list) in the region. Mihály Demkó (Bodzásújlak, 1894.– Ungvár, 1946.) was a writer and a member of the Hungarian Parliament.  Soviet authorities executed him in 1946. []

Table of Contents



Ung Varmegye Towns


Includes Ungvar, Szobránce and other towns within Ung county.

Bereg and Ugocsa Varmegye Towns


Includes the major towns Munkács and Beregszász in the Bereg and Ugocsa counties.

Máramaros Varmegye Towns


Various towns including Huszt and Visk in Máramaros county.

Some of the more frequently used subheadings in this manual are:


lakás es ellátás                    Accommodation and sustenance

fürdőzés                         Baths

egészségügy                   Medical care

szórakozás                      Entertainment

sport                              Sports

kirándulóhelyek               Places to visit                

közlekedes                      Transport

gyalogos turisztika           Tourist hiking

vadászati lehetőségek       Hunting opportunities

halászati lehetőségek        Fishing opportunities

ásványvízforrások             Mineral spas

üdülőtelepek                    Holiday Resorts

fürdők                             Baths

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