Transcarpathian Cadastral Maps and Urbarium Census


There are a number of cadastral maps for the Transcarpathian region that have been published by  These oftendocument  the names of the landowners and  can be very detailed.



Cadastral Maps at MAPIRE

MAPIRE has overlayed the surviving fragments of cadastral maps on a current map of the region.  

Maria Theresa Urbarium Census

The Empress of the Habsburg Monarchy, Maria Theresa ordered a census, called the Urbarium of 1767 in order to take stock of the peasantry and their situation. The urbariums are written documents that picture what kind of obligations has the villein toward his squire, how big is the serf’s animal stock, what kind of utensil- and toolkit he uses, how big is the plot of land he cultivates and last but not least the tables contain the names of the squires, villeins and cottars. The database consists out of 300,000 pages relevant for 43 counties and it includes the whole archival fond.

For all those, who are interested in local- and family history, this public and free database can be the major source of information for research. Next to the huge amount of digitized original document, one can also find information about the name of the laird, about the size of the estate and the number of villeins that paid a fee in order to cultivate that certain land.

(Mária Terézia úrbéri tabellák URL: