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Namestovo District  Marriage Project

This project is for members of the Namestovo Slovakia Genealogy Facebook Group. [   ]

Project Aim: To transcribe marriage records for Namestovo and surrounding villages and towns.

Language of records: Latin, Hungarian

Instructions for Transcribers:

Film Summary:  Please document the film numbers containing marriage records against each village on the Towns sheet.  Then map each record type to image # start and stop points.   


While some films may have the marriage records grouped together, other records may be arranged so that the marriage records are spread throughout the entire film, making them difficult to locate.

Transcription of Marriage Records:

The databases are in Google Sheets.  Google Sheets is a simplified version of EXCEL. One can copy, paste, fill down etc.  Some of the more advanced options in EXCEL are not available in Google Sheets.

  • For simplicity, we will not be adding diacritics (accented letters).

  • Transcribe what is written. If you wish to add a clarification, either use the last Comments column or add in square brackets [     ].   For example:    Kelin [Klein].

  • If necessary additional columns can be added.

  • Remember to include the film number AND the image number.  The first column is to document the number of line entries.

  • The final column is for corrections. If you see an error, please highlight the cell in a pastel colour and write the correct word or explanation in the Corrections column.  If you make a correction, highlight the corrected cell in bright green.    


Please respect the time and effort that goes into creating these databases.

Unless you are transcribing, do not make any changes to the databases.

Film Summary


Includes Babin  and Vanovka

Film 4945127


Film 1981152   Items 5-6

Film 1981153   Items 1-2

Film 2086055   Item 2

Completed Databases


1842 Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Universal Schematismus

Árva vármegye[Slovak; Orava   German: Arwa  Polish ; Orawa]


Dioecesis Scupesiensis

Districtus Medius-Arvensis

Districtus Medius-Arvensis

Namestovo 1930 and 1940 Census data

Links to the 1930 and 1940 census records on the Slovakiana portal  are provided at right.

More information is given in 1930 census. the 1940 census is still under protection of privacy legislation and only the names, surnames and house number can be viewed. All other columns are blacked out. Searching in these databases is unusual: in the field near the hand glass you have to write: "sčítací hárok <name of village/town>" e.g. "sčítací hárok Námestovo". Press enter.

In order to see census, keep the square "LEN ZDIGITALIZOVANĚ" checked, however you MUST uncheck the "VOĽNÉ". Now you should see individual pages of census. I strongly recommend switching from "NAJRELEVANTNEJŠIE" to "ABECEDNE" (alphabetically) in the drop down menu. Members of each house/apartment are written on a single sheet.

The portal is very slow.

Update 02Feb2023

There is a portal that contains transcribed data from the Slovak 1930-1940 census sheets .  the portal is www.

The website is in Slovak.  If you use Chrome as the browser, right click to get automatic translation.

The 2 sections are:

Mapy (Maps):  You can navigate to the region of interest to see how many records have been indexed. Then follow the link (zobrazit viac)  to view records from that area

Zaznamy (Name) :  It is possible to search by name and filter the results.  In the field "Priezvisko", type the family name or part of the name.  Surname must be in Slovak spelling with the correct diacritics.  If you only have the name from old records in Latin or Hungarian, try typing  a portion of the name.

For example, if the family name in Hungarian is Tomunyak, in the census records it is written as "Tomuniak". 

If the surname in Hungarian was Krcsmery, in the census it is Krčméry.  I would suggest typing "Krčm" to find all surnames beginning with this letter combination

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