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To view the database spreadsheets you may need a Google Docs (or Google Drive) account. 

Click on the database link to open the Google Docs spreadsheet . Sign in to Google Docs. You will see the editable version of the spreadsheet. If you do not have a Google Docs password you might only be able to view a pdf version.

Obtain a Google Docs password here:

Main Database

This database is accessible to the public.


The Main Database contains information for all  films that have been indexed with location names and general content descriptions to 07Sep2019

Please note that due to spelling variations it is not possible to filter the database by town.

We suggest that you filter the database by county (varmegye) and/or record type, then scan the list for the town of interest.

Film item numbers in bold are associated with sub-databases.  Further information from these records has been transcribed.

​If you intend to order films we suggest that you print a list of the contents in the film item to assist you in navigating through the film.

The original catalogue listing in www.familysearch can be found at  

Points to Note:


Family Search has issued digitized versions of most of the films in this collection in 2018.



The Munkacs diocese film collection contains some  parish records for some localities for some years.  I believe that this collection was filmed in the Berehove archives. The majority of the parish records will be held by either the Uzhorod archives in Ukraine or the Romanian Maramures district archives.   The Romanian archives has a list of parish register fonds on their website. The Berehove and Uzhorod archives do not release detailed information about the fonds on the internet.
Until these archives allow the filming and digitization of their holdings, there are limited options for accessing the material. 1) visit the archives yourself 2)attempt to write to the archives  3) hire a genealogist in Romania or Ukraine to search for you.

The advantage of the Munkacs Diocese collection films is that one can order the films from for a nominal fee and the films can be viewed at a local family history centre.  See FAQ for further information on ordering films.

Errors & corrections

The database will contain errors.  Please use the information on this site as a guide only.  Always order the films from  to verify the data.

Please ensure that you respect the integrity of the databases.

Carpathian Reflections should be acknowledged as the source of all material from this site that you use and share.

Curious to know which films of the collection have been indexed? Check the project status database.  If you would like to  try your hand at indexing a film,  contact the administrator.

Updated 27Mar2016



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