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Contributing Information to Carpathian Reflections

If you would like to contribute information to this site, please contact the administrator using the form below.  

Please remember that all information and data posted on this forum is only a guide  and may contain errors.  You must order the original films from the to verify the data.


I do not have the time or the expertise to answer family research queries.  For assistance with family history, please post your questions on one of the excellent forums for Eastern European family research.  (See the links section for websites.)


There is also a community forum on this website for Carpathian Reflections site visitors.

How can you contribute?​


  • Transcribe data for the projects

  • If you find errors in the databases-make a comment

  • We are missing the names of parish priests for some of the earlier films.  If you order these films-please take the time to note down the names of the parish priests and update the main database.

  • The Hungarian Greek Catholic church has an ongoing project to record all of the  birth and death vital records for the children of g.k. priests.  If you find birth, death or marriage records for the children of priests in the records please document these. We need film and item number, name of priest, name of village, birth or death record details. I have documented these for a couple of the films. (See subdatabase section)

Your details were sent successfully!

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