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1921 Census Transcarpathia project

The Hungaricana Library has published the documents for the 1921 census of Transcarpathia.  Each section contains around 200-500  pages of data.

This project aims to transcribe the information from the  1921 census.  This transcription project is open to all.  If you would like to transcribe data from your village of interest please send an email via the contact page.

There are two types of documents. One is  a census summary. This gives the name of head of household, house number,  number of dwellings and number of inhabitants.

The actual census records are more useful. These list the names of the inhabitants of each household. Data includes, birth date, birthplace, relationship to head of household, gender, marital status, current residence, length of time at current residence, ethnicity, religion, literacy, occupation.  Most of the records are written in Czech and you will find some written in cyrillic and Hungarian. The Czech records have unusual spelling. My impression is that the census takers were not necessarily native Czech speakers.  Many of the words appear to be transliterations of Rusyn  or Slovak terms.

For example you will often see slobodný (Slovak for unmarried male) and also svobodný (Czech for unmarried male). There also appears a word goč for daughter that appears to be either a Rusyn word or derived from Ukrainian дочка (dočka).

Ungvár varos

There are 52 sections of data for the town of Ungvár. They are partitioned by street name.

You may request a database to be created for a specific street.  

1. Ungvar varos _Ungvar varos


1. Ilosva _Medence


1. Huszt_Ötvösfalva


1. Kiscserjés   


1. Kockaszállás

Sóhát (Csornoholova)

1. Sóhát  (Csornoholova)

Beregrakos (Rakoshyn)

1. Beregrákos

Viharos [ Viska]

1. Viharos [Viska]


1. Ilosva/Misztice


1. Nagyszőlős /Mátyfalva


1. Perecsény/Perecsény


1. Nagyszőlős /Karácsfalva

Nagyszolos varos

1. Nagyszőlős varos /Nagyszőlős

Nagyszolos varos - Ardai ul.

1. Nagyszőlős varos/Ardai ul.


1. Ungvár /Rahonca


1. Munkács /Németkucsova


1.Munkács /Beregbükkös


1. Munkács /Várpalánka

Iza (cyrillic)

1. Huszt /Iza   
Note: Records can be written in cyrillic, Czech/Slovak or Hungarian.
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