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Maramaros varmegye


These are a few death & marriage records transcribed for Bereznik.


Greek Catholic marriage records Uglya 1899 from film 2388999



Greek Catholic birth, marriage,death  records for Lipcse 1895-1897 from film 2385345


Tisza Kirva

Greek Catholic birth, marriage,death  records for Tisza Kirva 1895-1897 from film 2267585.  Tiszakirva baptisms 1838-1853 has been transcribed. You will notice that the ministers did not baptize their own children.  A neighbouring priest often fulfilled this role.  The spelling of surnames is not always consistent. For example 'o' and 'a' endings are used interchageably in the surnames: Chrepta-Chrepto, Folyóka-Folyóko, Dzsuga-Dzsugo.  It is possible that the names are more correctly spelled with an 'a' ending.

Updated 31Jul2016

Taxpayer list 1898

The source of this document is uncertain.  Assumed to be a taxpayer list from 1898. Also contains names of commissioners

Added 27April2019

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