Australian Resources for Genealogy

There is no national register of birth, death and marriage records. Each Australian state maintains its own register and each state has different regulations allowing for the release of historical data.  The National Archives of Australia holds military and naturalisation records post Federation (1901).  It also holds the records for post World War II refugee arrivals into Australia.    Each state will also have a Public Records Office or State Archives, which holds state-related archival material.

General (Applicable to all Australian States)


The National Library of Australia digital collections of Newspapers.  The Advanced search option is the most useful.   You are freely able to correct the spelling of the digitized text. 

TROVE also links to digitized pictures, maps, books, and journal articles



Indexes for 1) World War II Refugee arrivals 2) Naturalizations  3) Military  4) other collections


To obtain copies of the original documents you will need to pay for the digitisation.




Search WWI nominal rolls, pre-WWI conflicts and WWII prisoner of war rolls.  Digitized records may be available.  (Personal war service records are found on the National Archives of Australia Website.)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

TThe Commonwealth War Graves Commission website lists casualties of the Commonwealth armed  forces who died in both world  

Telstra Telephone Directory

The national telephone directory for residences, businesses and government organizations in Australia.  This directory only applies to land-lines. There is no directory for mobile phone numbers.  

Ryerson  Index for death notices

The Ryerson Index is a free index to death notices appearing in Australian newspapers.  The indexx is created by volunteers.

Australian Cemeteries Index

The Australian Cemeteries Index has been created by volunteers.


This website has a number of cemetery records for Australia on-line

A funeral industry website for obituaries


Records of Polish institute in Australia

Hungarian memorial Australia