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Victorian Registry of  Historical Birth Deaths and Marriages

A searchable index is available for Historical and Marine  deaths data.  Please note that the index does not give complete details.  The cost of downloading an image is ~AUD $30


The Historical index has entries relating to:

  • births in Victoria from 1853 to 1915

  • marriages in Victoria from 1853 to 1942

  • deaths in Victoria from 1853 to 1988

  • church baptisms, marriages and burials in Victoria from 1836 to 1853




The Events at sea (Marine) index contains over 6,200 entries relating to births, marriages and deaths that happened between 1853 and 1920 onboard international and coastal ships bound for port in Victoria.







There is a lot of useful digitised material on the VIC PROV website.  For Eastern European genealogy, the following will be useful:

  • Index to unassisted inward passenger lists to Victoria

  • Wills and Probate

  • Childrens ward registers for children taken into state care.

  • German Immigrants Corrrespondence 1849-1950

  • Old Melbourne Cemetery burials 1866-1917

  • Rate books

  • Prisoners and Convicts

  • Mental Health records


It is also possible to search the catalogue, however it can be difficult to use. It is often best to search 'within an item' option, if you know the item number.  It is possible to order a record or pay for it to be digitized.


Museum of Victoria: Origins History

The museum of Victoria provides brif immigration histories of the various ethnic groups to be found in the state of Victoria.


Helen Doxford-Harris is a professional historian in Melbourne. She has compiled various indices  from 19th Century Melbourne archival documents to 1) wife and child deserters 2) employment applications 3)Missing people 4)Criminal case files  5) theatrical, literary and artistic persons.

Hungarians mentioned are: CSMORTANYI, Louis.  died 1888 on Victorian Goldfields. TILLICH, Andreas.  (missing person), TIRONI, Nikolaus (missing person).

Austrians mentioned: FOSSATI, L.P. and FOSSATI VIirginius, SALATNAY, John, (Missing in Melbourne 1898), FABRIO, Louis, deceased 1900 and V. ZAN, KULCZIJEKI [KULCZYCKIE] Enrico. 1877, Louis SUSWEIN, (Missing 1916),  ZVITANOVICH, Ivan, wrote from Dalmaria, Trstenik Austria, in 1895 re his brother Nicola, CROSSY, Julius Augustus. (wife deserter 1890).

Russians mentioned: FALSTEIN, Abram.  Brother B. Falstein wrote in 1900 from Reval, Russia, JACOBSON, Solomon William,, Sohu Mathes RUBINSTEIN, from Salonten, Russia, KLIBANSKI, L., LUBELSKA/LUBELSKI, Sch. J. (?) left Piotrokon Russia c1872, went to U.S. then to Australia.  One of his 3 daughters, Mrs. B. LIEBDSKOW asks police to trace him in 1910, RAPKEN, Nathan, asked police to find his brother Baron in 1892. , TOMROFF, Ernest Sylvester Frederick (wife deserter), OTTENSON/OTENSON, Michael., PICKUL, Leiser.BORASH, Leon, location sought by J.L. KEIDANSKY, Odessa, Russia, in 1912, NECHAMIN, Isaac. SILVERMAN, James, Melbourne, 1857, MD, born Russia, 


The Victorian goldfields were discovered in 1851 and attracted people from all over the world.

The two major goldfields were Ballarat and Bendigo.



Ballarat Cemetery:The cemetery indexes can be searched on line


Ballarat Genealogical Society: The Ballarat Genealogical Society has a lot of information on-line. Check the Resources and Research pages.


Bendigo Family History: Check the 'Free Index Search and 'Our Databases' pages.  This site also contains an index to men killed in the Bendigo mines.

Genealogical Society of Victoria:   The website contains some indexes that can be searched by non-members.


The deceased name search page for St Kilda, Buburong and Springvale cemeteries. It is not possible to do a name search for Melbourne General Cemetery. You would need to write to the Melbourne cemetery to obtain the burial information.



Royal Women's Midwifery Book 1

Transcriptions of the Royal Womens Hospital midwifery book #1 (1856-1879). Contains names of expectant mothers.

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