Determining the actual location of your ancestral village in the Transcarpathian region can be challenging.  Two world wars and different political administration mean that your village may have been known under several different names.  

One of the most useful sources for locality determination is the 1877 Dvorzsák gazetteer. Unfortunately the RADIX portal hosting the digitized, sortable versions of the 1877 and 1913 gazetteers is no longer operational but should be available via the Wayback machine.

This is my version of the 1877 Dvorzak gazetteer  in EXCEL format that I use for locality identification for the Infantry Regiment 5 project.  Contains additional columns for current name and country  and links to wikipedia entries.  This is a copy of a working document that I use for determining the location names for the Infantry Regiment 5 project.  It is not complete.  Most useful for Bereg, Ung, Ugocsa and Maramaros varmegyes.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office has digitized a large collection of Gazetteers

The Adatbank group has a useful gazetteer with German and Hungarian place names for Transylvania