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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here for answers to questions you may have about this site



Membership is Now Required to view Transcribed Data.


​Membership is free upon completion of a small transcription project.

Cost = $0

Time: ~ 2 hours to transcribe some data

The default transcription project for  membership is to transcribe 60 images of data from the Infantry Regiment 5 military personnel records.  No  diacritics are required.  Do not worry about making errors. All transcription errors will be corrected. Many records are over two pages.

Task: 60 images of data from IR5 records

Language: German handwriting


1. Apply for membership on the home page or by clicking on any of the Members-Only pages

2. Enter your email address and your chosen password.

I will send you

a) an email containing the link to the source data in Family Search and a link to teh database for transcribing the records

b) Another link directly to the database.


My family's village is not listed in the database. Where are the records?

Only a small proportion of the records in the  Munkacs Diocese collection have been indexed.  This collection only contains some parish records for the Zakarpattia region.  The majority of the parish records will be held by either the Uzhorod or Berehove archives in Ukraine or the Maramureş archive in Romania.  Most of the records for Eastern Slovakia and North Eastern Hungary have been filmed by the Mormons and are available via

You can also check the Indexing Status database to check which films have or have not been indexed for this project.

Please note that that many of the records in this collection for Eastern Slovakia and North Eastern Hungary are additional to what is present in the the current Mormon catalogues for these regions.


How do I order films from the Family Search Website?

To register for a Family Search account to order your microfilms, visit:

To locate an LDS Family History Centre near you, visit:

​To order your microfilms online, visit: 


I have ordered films from the collection and have identified errors in the database +/or have a different interpretation of the information. How can we correct the database?

The films have been indexed by people who have English as their first (and often only) language. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be errors of interpretation in the database.  Carpathian Reflections welcomes your input and expertise.  We are attempting to clarify the contents of this data collection so that it can be used more effectively by family researchers.  The more people who order and view films from this collection, the better.


If you have a Google Drive or Google Docs account, you may enter your corrections in the 'Comments and  Corrections' column in the database(s).  Please respect the integrity of the databases and do not make changes to the main body of information.  If the administrator agrees with your corrections or comments, the administrator will include the changes in the next published version of the database. If not, your comments will  still be included in the Comments and Corrections column.


Alternatively, post a message in the Community forum.


Can the indexers check for my family names?

Unfortunately not. It takes a lot of time and effort just to index, transcribe and record the information for the database.  For individual family research you will need to hire a professional genealogist.  In some cases the indexer has chosen to transcribe surnames from correspondence collections.


As with all family research, identifying the village of origin is the key to your success.  Check the database for locations, order the relevant films and check for yourself.


I have difficulty viewing the main database. I can only see a pdf which is difficult to read.

To view the main database (and the sub-databases) as ​ a spreadsheet, you need to have a Google Docs or Google Drive password and username.  You can obtain this for free by following the links in the database section.

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