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Carpathian Reflections Guides & Tools


This paper contains Rusyn Cyrillic Causes of Death extracted from the Munkacs Diocese parish records

This paper contains word list with handwriting examples for the Ugocsa military conscript registers from 1854.  Many of the terms refer to old occupation and medical conditions

Cyrillic (General)

This list of equivalent Christian names in Hungarian, German, Slovak and Latin has been abstracted from a list prepared by the Hungarian priest Bertalan Szokoloszky (based in Kassa)  in 1923.   The list has been expanded to include English, Romanian and Ukrainian equivalents.  My sincere thanks to the volunteer(s) who  completed the Romanian and Ukrainian portions of the table.

Hungarian (Magyar Nyelv)
Cyrillic (Ukrainian & Rusyn)
Cyrillic (Romanian & Old Church Slavonic)
Czech, Slovak & German
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