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Main Database

Carpathian Reflections 

The Main Database was updated 13Nov2016 with data from the following films:  

Film 2410443 Death records 1937 from Uzhorod

Film 1409791 emigration lists and passport applications

Film 2187275 Mixed faith marriages, marriages between closely related kin and requests to change faith.





Updated 10Nov2018

Medencze Marriage, Death and Birth records 1814-1899 and 1877-1911 added to Localities page

Updates: 05Jan19

1) Film 1454305/146306 Infantry Regiment 65 Death register transcription completed.


Updates: 02Mar19

Film 1186201 transcriptions added



Latest projects

Carpathian Reflections 05Jan19

​Latest News:  Uzhorod Voter list transcriptions now complete.

A-H military IR5 databases added

Film 1186200

Film 1186201

Film 1186202

Medencze parish records

Also Karaszlo parish records

Film 1454305 IR65 Deaths


Carpathian language lists of occupations and illnesses. Transcription ongoing.




Website changes
Carpathian Reflections 06May18

Latest News:   Social forum page has been deleted as the application is no longer supported





Older News:

Transcriptions of Tiszakirva Baptisms 1835-1853 have been completed by P. Gellertfy and added to the Localities page

Uzhorod Voter list : Transcription of Film 2410444 is now complete. Data has been   added to the Uzhorod Voting Registers 1937/1938 page.


Hungarian Noun endings has been added to the Language/Hungarian section


The project to transcribe the 1946 Hungarian Relocations from Slovakia is now complete. The material transcribed is from Easterrn Slovakia near the Ukrainian/Hungarian border.  The transcribed lists have been added to a dedicated page '1946 Hungarian Deportees from Slovakia. My thanks to Contributors Peter Gellertfy and Julia Szent-Gyorgy for their invaluable assistance.


The first two sections of the Uzhorod voter lists have now been transcribed.


The e-book Az utas konyve: Karpatalja' 'the Travellers guide to Transcarpathia, 1938' has now been added to the site.


A companion booklet, to the Ugocsa military conscription lists 1854, listing examples of the handwriting and terms used in these lists , can be found in both the 'subdatabases and 'language' sections of the webiste.


A new page 'Uzhorod Voting Registers 1937/1938 has been added to the website.  This page will be the repository for all completed transcriptions from these registers.


Ugocsa Military Conscription project is now complete

Munkacs Cemetery lookup service added.

 The moderator of the Mihalovce forum has kindly allowed me to post some databases and material compiled by his members.  You will find this on the Localities page.  Updates have been made to the Links and Language pages.


Surname changes from 1900 from film 2267586 item 7 have been added as a separate sub-database. A summary in Czech has been added for Czech visitors.    We are looking for someone to provide a brief summary introduction  in either Ukrainian or Hungarian for site visitors from those countries.


A guide to Causes of Death in Rusyn Cyrillic has been developed by myself and Maxim Averin a genealogical researcher based in Uzhorod Ukraine. this can be found on the Languages page..


I have added a 'Localities' page.  The intention of this page is to present brief histories and descriptions of the towns and villages of the Maramaros, Ung, Bereg & Ugocsa counties in English.   You are welcome to contribute information for your town(s) of interest to this page.  Just make sure that you provide the source details.


The 'localities' page will also contain any parish record transcriptions that you provide.    I will  share the records I have transcribed for the town of  Bereznik.









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