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Munkacs Cemetery Data

Carpathian Reflections has access to  data for approximately 5000 burials in Munkacs Cemetery for the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Greek Catholic sections of the graveyard.


We offer a look-up service for this information.   Where available, the information includes an image of the tombstone and transcription of the birth and death information written on the grave.

There is a transcription fee for this service. Therefore you donate time (not money) for this information.  Please see below for further details.

The cost of accessing the Munkacs Cemetery  information is a transcription fee.  The fee is paid in two parts:

1)To  check a surname is listed on the database: Transcribe  5 lines of data  from one of the Carpathian Reflections projects for each surname. (This should take about 10 minutes.) Send an email via the Contributions page to the administrator with the surname and  the numbers of the lines in the EXCEL project database.  You will receive an email confirming whether or not the surname appears in the Munkacs Cemetery database. If the surname is listed, I will provide you with a list of the number of names on the tombstone and  an estimation of the  full transcription fee to be paid to obtain the data.


2) To obtain the full data, you will need to transcribe 10 lines per name written on the tombstone and an additional 10 lines of data for the image of the tombstone.



As an example:


1) Question:  Is the surname Hacskajlo listed in the database?                                     Cost=5 lines of data transcribed

    (Lines 58-62 of surname database transcribed)


     Response: Yes, there are two graves.

     Grave 1: 1 name and one image                                                                                    Cost=20 lines of transcribed data.



     Grave 2: 2 names and 1 image                                                                                      Cost=30 lines of transcribed data.

     (Grave 2 lists the woman's married and maiden names)


Therefore the total cost of this information will be 55 lines of data transcribed.


2) Upon verification that the transcription has been performed, the data will be provided.

    The information provided for Grave 1 is:


    Hacskájló Mihály 14Nov1928-13Mar2002 ; Roman Catholic section grave location C08-18-9



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